Health & Safety, 3 words: Prevention, Prevention, Prevention – there is no other way. Getting hurt comes in stages from near miss to death! A Health & Safety system minimises that chance of accidents, but requires the support of everyone.

Potential Benefits

  • Reduced risk of accidents.
  • Professional health and safety practices.
  • Increased protection against accidents.
  • Reduced lost employee time.
  • Reduced risk of prosecution.
  • A structured health and safety system.
  • Confidence to enforcement authorities, employees, customers and suppliers.
  • Compliance with HSE Law and Regulations.
  • Action taken where issues are raised.
  • Improve moral.

Duty of care

All businesses have a duty to ensure that they offer a safe place of work for:

  • Visitors
  • Employees
  • Part-time people
  • Contractors  

Health and safety officials can turn up and without notice. People are now prompted to contact health and safety officials to inform them of bad practices, do not let your business get caught out.


Regular health & safety audits will ensure compliance with the system, issues of concern can be reported and action taken to minimise any risks.

Risk assessment

Conducting risk assessments in areas of the business that could be of harm can help to make the workplace a safer environment.

Actions implemented from the risk assessment will minimise the chance of an accident.

Safer environment

It is a safer environment where a health & safety system is implemented. This is demonstrated in everyday situations where household named companies make the best possible use of them.

A business that cares

Promoting the fact that your business cares can motivate people within the organisation.

5 typical reasons for implementing health & safety.

  1. To maintain a safer place of work.
  2. A duty of care.
  3. Prevent prosecution.
  4. To demonstrate the business cares.
  5. To reduce lost time due to accidents.

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