Potential Benefits

  • Pollution minimisation.
  • Provide a professional image.
  • Financial & commercial benefits.
  • Obtain new contracts.
  • Competitive advantage.
  • Demonstrates commitment to the environment.
  • Ensures that pollution to the globe is minimised.
  • Reduced business waste.
  • Compliance with environmental legislation.


It all started many years ago. A small amount of people were concerned about the effects that the modern age was having on the natural resources of our planet. Nowadays most people in the world are aware of the effects on our planet. Even the top scientists are supporting some of the issues. More and more businesses are now implementing ISO 14001 management systems into their businesses. ISO 14001 may help achieve a competitive advantage. The purpose of ISO 14001 is to enable the management of a business to control all relevant environmental issues.


Companies that do not have ISO 14001 run the risk of losing work to the competition. Even if their prices are lower, customers will tend to go with companies that are certified to ISO 14001.
Do not run the risk there is too much at stake. You may even be able to obtain growth from a new customer base.

Improvement projects

By setting your business some realistic environmental targets, applying the principles of ISO14001 and using some project management skills your businesses could gain from the potential benefits.

Decreasing energy costs can have an impact, examples include:

  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Reducing processing costs.
  • Raw materials
  • Packaging

5 Typical reasons for using ISO 14001

  1. Want to minimise pollution to the planet.
  2. Comply with environmental legislation.
  3. Make some cost savings.
  4. Seek certification to an Environmental standard.
  5. Gain a competitive edge.

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